Valence’s Amazon Reimbursment Management Service

Who’s Valence?

Q: Who’s Valence?

A: Valence Services, or Valence for short, is a team of professionals who have been involved with selling on Amazon since 1999 and participating in the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) program since 2009. Our passion is designing business processes, developing software and setting up our people to deliver the best results for our clients, Amazon sellers.

Q: What is Valence’s reimbursement management service?

A: Valence provides Amazon sellers participating in the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) program the services of identifying, requesting and taking other steps to secure reimbursements for the 25 plus errors Amazon can make in handling FBA inventory and managing sales transactions.

Why do I need Valence?

Q: Amazon doesn’t make that many mistakes, do they?

A: Amazon runs one of the most complex operations in the world, they are bound to make mistakes. In the FBA program, they make mistakes worth 2-3% of your sales. So for every $100,000 you sell on Amazon, $2,000-$3,000 is waiting to be captured. Some sellers might be under 2% however a handful of Valence clients are above 5%!

Q: Doesn’t Amazon just automatically reimbursement me for their errors?

A: Yes, but it is just a small slice of the pie. Of the total errors Amazon makes, only 10-30% are automatically reimbursed. If you are not going after the rest of the errors, you are losing out on a lot of money.

Q: I am handling this myself, why do I need Valence?

A: One Word – Software. There are over 25 different ways Amazon makes mistakes and being able to do a few of them yourself does help, but it is time consuming why just stop there? Our Software, combined with our expertise, allow us to continuously be looking for every error Amazon makes.

You should outsource this work to an expert and spend your time focusing on growing your business!

Q: I use another service, how is Valence better?

A: To answer this questions, the biggest thing that makes us the best is results. We will get more money back for your account than the others. Isn’t that what you care about the most?

Many of our clients either used another service before us, or evaluated multiple services before signing up with Valence. If you would like to speak with some of our clients, we would be more than happy to give you them as a reference.

How Does Your Service Work?

Q: How does Valence’s service work?

A: It’s not possible to discern all the errors Amazon makes by reviewing the reports provided on Amazon Seller Central individually. That’s why Valence has developed software to compile data from all the relevant reports, and analyze FBA inventory activity and sales transactions, to identify the reimbursements Amazon owes you. We also have a well-developed methodology for creating an Amazon Seller Support case to request and secure the highest possible reimbursement amount for these errors.

Q: What kind of access do you need?

A: We need two kinds of Access. 1) API (Developer) Access to connect our software directly to Amazon’s backend reporting service. 2) Limited Guest Access to your Seller Central Account. This will be limited so we won’t see important bank information or anything like that. This is used to QA the reports we get through the API as well as the ability to submit and track cases

Q: How far back can you go?

A: For most error types, we can go back as far as 18 months to secure reimbursements for the errors Amazon have made.

Q: Can you limit the scope of your service while I handle some of this inhouse?

A: Yes, let us know which types of errors you are handling when you sign up and we will make sure we do not submit cases for those categories

Q: Can you secure reimbursements for FBA inventory in other Amazon marketplaces, such as and

A: Yes, we can handle every Amazon marketplace. Just let us know for which marketplaces and associated seller account(s) you would like for us to turn on this service for you.

How Do You Get Paid?

Q: How much does Valence charge?

A: Our standard commission rate is 33% of the reimbursements that we secure for you in credits to your seller account or missing inventory that is recovered. There are no other fees.

Q: Is your standard commission rate of 25% negotiable?

A: Yes, if your average monthly sales exceed $100,000 then we’ll quote an adjusted rate for you.

Q: How do you determine the reimbursement amount for which your commission is billed?

A: As the Amazon Seller Support case we create to request the reimbursements is resolved and either 1) Amazon issues a credit to your account or 2) they recover your inventory and specify its credit value, we log this amount, then later confirm it was received through an automated review of the data that appears in the Payments report prior to billing you for our commission. In this way, we ensure that we only bill you for reimbursement that we’ve secured.

Q: How do we pay you?

A: We issue you an invoice for our commission for the prior period on a weekly to monthly basis and then charge your credit card the amount payable.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Our default and preferred payment method is Credit Card. If you need to pay by ACH or paper check, contact us and we may be able to accomodate.

How Do We Get Started?

Q: I’m interested. How do we get started?

A: It is easy, just click the “Sign Up for Free” button located at the top of this page. It takes as little as 5 minutes to sign up!

Q: I’m interested but want to learn more before signing up?

A: Reach out to us via the contact button on our website. If you would like to directly email someone, please send the email to [email protected] and someone will respond shortly.

Q: Do I have to sign my life away?

A: No, our standard services agreement is month-to-month

Q: Are there any tricks or hidden fees?

A: The only trick is that your bank account balance will increase!

Amazon Compliance

Q: Will partnering with Valence cause problems with Amazon for my business?

A: If you as a consumer ordered 10 items from a business and only received 9, what would you do? All Valence does is show Amazon the receipt, and ask them to compensate you with either that missing item, or money worth the same in value as the item.

We present to Amazon their own data showing that they made errors and ask to be compensated fairly for it. Amazon runs one of the most complicated operations in the world and they know mistakes happen.

Amazon will not retaliate for Valence performing this work for you.

Q: What is Amazon’s policy with having a company like Valence perform this work?

A: Amazon cares about 3 things when it comes to submitting cases in regards to asking for reimbursements

    1. No Automated Cases – While our software to identify these errors is automated, we have a team of people based in the US submit the cases manually which is what Amazon cares about


    1. Accurate Data – We strive ourselves on making sure our cases have the most accurate data. We download reports from your account daily to ensure that when we submit a case, the data is 100% accurate


  1. No Overwhelming Seller Support – Although Amazon does not have a set number, with our knowledge and expertise, we know how to combine and spread out cases so Seller Support is not overwhelmed with too many cases at one time.

Q: Will my account be at risk of being suspended?

A: No, Valence ensures that we follow Amazon’s Terms of Service and policy when it comes to reimbursement management.